Spider Contract tract Edition

Spider Contract is one of the most successful­ software solutions for professional contract management­. Well over 4 million contracts are­ managed by numerous companies in many industries.

The tract edition (TE) for Spider Contract optimises operation, extends functionality and contains the practical business file. Further advantages include faster installation and the intuitive user interface. This saves you­ service costs­ and allows you to get started quicker.

Spider Contract – tract Edition

Ease of use

One aspect is particularly important for the success of a contract management project: the software must be easy to use to enjoy user acceptance.

The modern user interface of Spider Contract is based on the proven operating concept of Microsoft® Office®. Even after just a short introduction, users can understand the clear user interface. This results in a high level of acceptance among users, which often makes the decisive difference for successful projects.

Clear functions are available for processing contract files. A few clicks are often enough to complete a task.


Contracts are managed individually in contract files, sorted by contract type. Each type of contract has its own practical characteristics. Contracts can be linked together to­ map dependencies­ and facilitate joint processing. This is especially useful for framework agreements.

The Spider Contract tract Edition 2.0 is configured with 28 contract types, each with up to five variations. Adjustments are easy to implement.

Contract reference object

Contract reference objects collect contracts on a common topic. For example, this could be a property, an IT project or a product group. A click on the respective contract reference object shows which contract files belong to it.

Document management

Contract documents and other files can be stored in a structured form, even as different versions, in contract folders. This means the wording of an agreement is always available, for instance. If required, comments from various departments, product information or email correspondence can be assigned to the individual contracts. The optionally integrated full text search helps to quickly find text passages in all documents.

A key advantage is the option of assigning documents directly to contract partners.


Contract cover sheet

At the push of a button, a cover sheet can be generated for each contract file, displaying all important contract information clearly and concisely.

Generate contracts and documents

Based on Microsoft® Word® templates, the integrated document generator makes it easy to create frequently required contract documents, contract correspondence and other contract-relevant files. The text templates can be provided centrally, including in multiple languages, with quality assurance. The document generator links the selected document with the appropriate metadata such as address, term, contract number and termination date.

NEW Text modules or clauses can be combined into a contract document in a simple and structured manner.

Practical Microsoft® Office® integration

Microsoft® Outlook®, Excel® and Word® are available on almost every workstation. Spider Contract has a comparable user interface. This makes it easier for the user to get started. Spider Contract supports collaboration with MS Office® via the following functions:

  • Emails can be copied to contract files.*
  • Standard texts and documents are generated as Word® documents.
  • Evaluations and reports can be created as Excel® files.
  • Resubmissions and alarms are transferred as emails to Outlook®.
  • Existing contract data can be imported from Excel® into Spider Contract.
  • Cost centres, terms of payment and other data can be imported from Excel®                         

*System requirements must be observed.

Resubmission, follow-ups and deadlines

To prevent deadlines from being missed, each user can define resubmissions for every contract. The system sends an email in advance that contains a reminder text and a link to the process in question. The affected contract can be accessed and edited directly from the email. As these reminders are sent via the email system, they are also available when the user is not using Spider Contract. If a contract arrives at the point at which a decision has to be made, or it needs to be extended or terminated, or a new contract has to be concluded, the system also generates an email to the employee responsible.

Evaluations and reports

Each contract file contains evaluable contract metadata. Spider Contract gives authorised users the option to generate individual evaluations using the report generator. Meaningful reports are already included with the software. Certain information can be displayed graphically, as pie charts for example. Evaluations can be easily exported to Excel®.

Roles and rights, clients and business units

Contract management systems are designed to ensure confidentiality while supporting teamwork. Different role profiles can be configured depending on the task at hand. Each role has defined functions and authorisations. This clearly defines who can read or edit which contract. Limitations can be set in detail. The corporate structure can be mapped by business  and client. Each user is assigned to a role and one or more business units. Continuous workflows as well as confidentiality are therefore guaranteed.


Spider Contract is based on Microsoft® server technology and MS SQL® databases. The structure of the database is documented. As a rule, operation takes place on the servers on the customer’s intranet. The use of virtual systems as servers is possible. Users use the software via defined browsers. Spider Contract utilises the existing security infrastructure. Data transmission is encrypted. Roles and rights as well as possible authentication against MS ActiveDirectory® secure access to data. Contract data and documents can also be imported and exported. Connection to adjacent systems such as SAP®, archive systems or e-procurement systems is optionally supported.

As an alternative to operating the software in your own data centre, the Spider Contract tract edition can also be used as a service. Here, each customer has a dedicated server for a test and a live system. Further information is available on request.

Contract partners

Contract partners can be customers, suppliers, institutions or other affiliated companies. In addition to the core data such as name, location, delivery and billing address, account details, any number of contact persons as well as their function and communication data are available. Documents and files, such as price lists, estimates and checklists, can also be stored for contract partners.

Legal successors

When a contract partner is taken over by another company, numerous contracts are affected. With the legal successor function, this process is conveniently organised without having to transfer all contracts individually. It remains comprehensible at all times, allowing you to see which former contract partners belong to a contract.

Currencies and languages

If required, there is the option of integrating different currencies. Exchange rates can be updated manually or automatically. The software is available in German and English. Additional language modules can also be added.

Individual customisation

The Spider Contract tract edition can be individually adapted without programming knowledge. It’s therefore quick to implement good ideas. If the requirements change, even complex customisations are possible. Our specialists can provide support if required.

Audit security

Relevant bookings are stored in an auditable logbook. Authorised users can easily check when which changes were posted and who carried out these changes.

Risk Management

Active risk management can be used where necessary. Companies with higher demands in this area can benefit from the tract extension module tract Risk Management Plus, which can be adapted to the company’s own requirements, also taking into account the risk values of contract partners.

Business files

In practice, activities often have little directly to do with defined contracts. But documents, files, deadlines and tasks still have to be organised and documented in a structured way. tract has developed an extension module for the contract management software Spider Contract that comes into play here. The tract business files form part of the Spider Contract tract edition. All important parameters for the individual activities are clearly managed in the business files.

Business files can be linked to contract files as required. Responsible employees are assigned to the tasks. When appointments or deadlines are due, the system automatically sends reminder emails to these employees. Word® and Excel® files can be managed as well as emails with attachments or PDF documents. In addition to documents, any number of individual notes can be entered for the business file. Quick access is provided both for viewing and creating documents and notes.

The integrated rights management can be used to define which employees¬ have access to business files. Business files can also be adapted individually.

Application examples for business files
Legal transactions

The business file is a useful tool for the legal department. Drafts, expert opinions, correspondence and forms are structured here and classified confidentially.


Purchasers organise product and price information in their business files, as well as collect information on tenders and supplier information.

Task management

Business files can each organise a specific task. A single person or a team can be entrusted with the task.

Project documentation

Project work often generates numerous documents. These can be sorted in the business file. Deadlines can be set and resubmissions are actively sent to the responsible employees.

Claim management

To provide evidence for claims from contracts is often associated with the collection of receipts. The documents required for recording a claim can be collected in a business file and made available within the company.

Contract partner management

Information on contract partners is stored here in a structured manner. If required, certificates, performance records or general information, such as price lists, can be retrieved.

tract extension modules for Spider Contract

  • NEW tract edition 2.0 for Spider Contract – More functionality and convenience for Spider Contract and the basis for all extension modules

Extension modules:

  • NEW tract Super Search for Spider Contract – Search convenience for contract data

  • NEW tract Digital Signature for Spider Contract – Fast processes with electronic signatures

  • tract Document Engine for Spider Contract – Smart handling of documents and OCR recognition for text research

  • tract Financial Plan for Spider Contract. – Contract-related cash flows made transparent

  • tract Case File for Spider Contract –  Structured management of legal disputes in contract matters

  • tract Risk Management Plus for Spider Contract – Professional risk management

  • tract Workflow Plus for Spider Contract – Workflows for contract management

  • N-Scale Archive for Spider Contract – The optional archive for contract documents

NEW tract edition 2.0 for Spider Contract + business file

More functionality and convenience for Spider Contract and the basis for all extension modules.

The tract edition complements the feature set, improves ergonomics and reduces the time required to get started with Spider Contract.

Roles and rights management is both more effective and easier to use. 28 contract types, each preconfigured with up to 5 contract variants, provide practical benefits.

The tract business file is also integrated. Often activities in administration are not directly related to defined contract files. Nevertheless, documents, files, deadlines and tasks have to be organised in a structured way. tract has developed an extension module for the contract management software Spider Contract that comes into play here. All important parameters of the individual activities are clearly managed in the business files.

The business files can be customised, and roles and rights can be set to ensure confidentiality. The tract business files can be assigned to contract files, for example, to assign documents from a tender to a sales contract. The tract edition for Spider Contract (tract Integration Platform 2.0) is the technological prerequisite for the optional use of additional tract extension modules.

New features for version 2.0

  • Contract terms, anniversaries and cancellation information are displayed for each contract in a graphical timeline.
  • The layout of the digital contract files is optimised.
  • The integrated roles and rights system performs better.
  • New contract types for data protection and SEPA direct debit mandates have been implemented.
  • Contract releases (contract shares) can be assigned temporaly and with functional limits. For example, colleagues can read a contract file for eight weeks.
  • For Resubmissions and anniversaries reminders can be sent.
  • The tract Integration Platform 2.0 is the technical basis for tract extension modules and supports integration into portals.

NEW tract Super Search for Spider Contract

Search convenience for contract data

Super Search is a comprehensive search function within the contract data and contract documents. Most importantly, Super Search considers the roles and rights in the Spider Contract tract edition.

Example: A user searches for the term “spider” and receives the following hit list:

  • A link to the Spider framework contract
  • A link to the Spider licence agreement
  • A link to the Spider maintenance contract
  • A link to the contract partner Spider LCM GmbH
  • Multiple links to searchable documents containing the word “spider”

Important: The user will not receive a link to contracts, containing the word “Spider”, for which he is not entitled.

Super Search significantly improves the ease of use for Spider Contract users. Contract data is found quickly and clearly, while confidentiality is maintained.

NEW tract Digital Signature for Spider Contract

Fast processes with electronic signatures

As part of a digitalisation strategy, digital signatures also need to be supported. Digitally signed documents have a faster throughput and­ thereby significantly accelerate business processes.

This extension module integrates digital signatures into the contract management process organised by Spider Contract.

Documents prepared for digital signatures can be generated directly from Spider Contract. These documents can be filed in Spider Contract from the first draft to the digitally signed contract. In addition, specific documents are archived that verify the signature of the contract.

The Signaturit® software is integrated and this signature service* is completely imbedded within the module. Users do not have to use any third-party portals to digitally sign documents. The signature itself can also be provided on mobile devices.

Digitally signed documents and certificates that come from contract partners that use other signature providers (e.g. DocuSign) can also be professionally managed.

*Digital signatures are a service that requires a certified service provider in the background. For reasons of data security, we have selected the European provider Signaturit that meets European data protection requirements. Signaturit is a company with its headquarters in Barcelona. Additional costs arise from the use of digital signatures. As a rule, these costs are overcompensated by the elimination of costs for postage and shipping handling, avoided media discontinuity and, of course, speed.

tract Document Engine for Spider Contract

Smart handling of documents, OCR recognition for text research and document uploader

The tract Document Engine facilitates the handling of digital documents and offers extended functions for handling PDF documents. The tract Document Engine turns contract documents into digital, searchable documents and simplifies the capture of existing documents for use in Spider Contract. The tract Document Engine includes:

PDF/A converter: The PDF/A converter integrated in the tract Document Engine allows you to modify PDF files within Spider Contract. The files are stored with one click in an archivable format.

OCR recognition: The OCR recognition integrated in the tract Document Engine enables text recognition of existing documents at the push of a button.

NEW Mail to Contract: This function allows documents to be sent directly to a contract file by email.

 INFO to the Document Uploader: As of Spider 6.4.2, this function is directly integrated into Spider Contract and is no longer delivered with this module.

Documents under control

A powerful server module converts existing documents into digitally searchable and archivable PDF/A documents, including contract files saved long ago where necessary.

In addition, the Document Engine reads data from mailboxes on request. This option to send documents by email to the contract management system opens up further easy options for integration into existing processes.

Digitally optimised documents are the basis for simple operation with good search results in the documents. Compliance requirements are met by the archivable PDF/A standard for documents. Subsequent changes in documents are not possible.

tract Financial Plan for Spider Contract

Contract-related cash flows made transparent

Financial transactions are often important features of contracts. With this optional extension module, planned costs or revenues can be recorded for each contract file.

Example: Car leasing

  • An initial one-off cost posting is recorded for a deposit/processing fee.
  • In addition, 36 monthly bookings are saved for the current leasing instalments.
  • After 36 months, a further amount for additional kilometres is planned.

Receivables and liabilities can be assigned to the respective contracts as a one-off amount or as a recurring obligation. Combinations of one-off transactions and regular payments are possible. Special reports make costs and revenues transparent.

The tract Financial Plan for Spider Contract also supports budget planning. All planned costs and revenues can­ be documented according to time windows and cost centres/business areas. ­Budget planning is easy and comprehensible based on commitments.

With this function, contract management becomes a strong and transparent planning instrument with a direct link to the respective contractual basis.

In an optional, enhanced configuration, accounting documents can be posted against contracts and comparisons of planned and actual costs can be made. The extension module can also be customised.

NEW IFRS 16-relevant contracts and bookings are identified and evaluated as required and their metadata exported for further processing.

tract Case File for Spider Contract

Structured management of legal disputes in contract matters

Managing legal disputes within the framework of contract management has proven its worth. A large number of the managed cases has to do with contracts. tract has developed the extension module tract Case File for Spider Contract that comes into play here. All important parameters and the documents of the individual legal disputes are clearly managed in the case files.

Reports provide important information in detail. The tract case file provides transparency over disputes. If required, case files can be linked to contract files or business files. Where necessary, the status and assessment of the legal dispute can be defined in a structured manner. Legal disputes are assigned to responsible employees. When appointments or deadlines are due, the system automatically sends reminder emails to these employees.

Case files are made available to authorised employees and support collaboration. Evaluations and background information are available in a targeted manner.

If required, case files can also be made available to external authorised persons. In addition to documents, any number of individual notes for the business file can also be entered.

Quick access is provided both for viewing and creating documents and notes. Rights management can be used to define which employees have access to case files.

The extension module can also be adapted individually.

tract Risk Management Plus for Spider Contract

Professional risk management

Managing risks in the context of contract management is certainly worthwhile. A large proportion of the risks a company faces has to do with contracts.

tract has developed an extension module for the contract management software Spider Contract that comes into play here. In each contract file, all important parameters of the risk assessment and the current risk situation are managed.

Cluster risks from several contracts are reported for the contract partners. Individual alarms can contribute to risk limitation.

Risks can be typified and monetarily assessed and weighted. Several risk categories can also be defined and managed.

Reports clearly display important information. If required, individual risk reports can be created and exported to Excel®.

A specialised risk manager role can be activated in order to keep risk situations distributed throughout the group transparently and centrally under control. Measures relating to individual risks are recorded. Emergency plans can be stored.

This module can be configured highly individually and thereby allows the implementation of customer-specific compliance requirements.

tract Workflow Plus for Spider Contract

Workflows for contract management

Contract management needs structured processes. For this purpose, an extension module was created that makes the contract management software Spider Contract the joint centre of all activities and processes for contract managers, lawyers and professionals involved.

Many companies understand contract management as a process. Workflows for the structured processing of contracts professionally support this approach.

Trained process owners can create required workflows themselves, naturally without programming knowledge.

Workflow tasks and workflow processes are displayed clearly – also with graphical elements.

Workflows are dynamically oriented to the defined employee roles of a contract file. Approval processes or activities at the end of a contract term are carried out in a comprehensible and structured manner, with tasks apportioned appropriately.

Workflows can take competencies and contract value limits into account. For example, the release workflow for a software framework agreement can be checked by the licence manager, the budget manager and a company lawyer. In addition, a value limit (total cost of the contract) could be stored, which defines whether the board must sign the contract or whether signatures from the purchasing department are sufficient.

N-Scale Archive for Spider Contract

The optional archive for Spider Contract

Managing contracts also means storing documents. The contract documents are stored in the SQL database, which also organises the contract data. Customers who want to use their own archive for the contract documents in Spider Contract, in addition to the backup procedures used in the company, can access this cost-effective and practical solution.

Documents are copied to the N-Scale Archive via an automated service. N-Scale issues a ticket to Spider Contract immediately after successful archiving, which visualises and completes the process.

Contract documents are accessed as usual directly from Spider Contract. The role and rights system is fully utilised.

The archive system N-Scale is a product of Ceyoniq.

Ceyoniq is one of the technology leaders in the digitalisation of corporate content and a subsidiary of the KYOCERA Group.


The manufacturers of the software reserve the right to­ make regular changes to the feature set of­ the software. tract GmbH has no influence on changes in products of third parties. This is especially true when manufacturers choose to reduce software functionality. In each case, the respective software licence agreement applies. If software solutions are supplied by several manufacturers, this shall also apply mutatis mutandis to them.

Licensed files are created for the use of individual modules or functions (e.g. the business file). On the licensing side, the files are treated as contract files. The licensing of the files/contract files results from the respectively valid licence conditions of the companies Spider LCM GmbH / Flexera.

The term optional means that additional modules or module variants must be licensed for a fee and/or consulting services must be ordered.

Certain functions can only be implemented in conjunction with several modules. As a rule, tract extension modules can be used in Spider Contract versions from 6.4.x onwards.

Contract management training and workshops

tract GmbH conducts one-day workshops on the subject of contract management and organises training courses for contract managers with the option of TÜV Rheinland certification. User training for Spider Contract is conducted according to individual needs by certified contract managers and product specialists. More information can be found on www.tract.de/training.

 Training “Contract Management in Practice” (2 days)

Contract managers have a highly responsible role in their companies. Clear processes, optimal contracts and the professional management of contracts are the topics here. Since it is also a matter of avoiding risks and ensuring compliance, TÜV Rheinland, together with tract GmbH, has developed a certification programme for contract managers. The contract managers and their employers benefit from the certification. tract is the exclusive provider for these training courses. TÜV Rheinland carries out the certification tests. This training is offered exclusively in German.

Participants are managers and employees from the areas of contract management, legal affairs, sales, purchasing, controlling, IT and accounting with responsibility for the administration of contracts, as well as contract managers for medium-sized and large companies.

The participants experience real practical knowledge about the organisation and tools of professional contract management.

The participants will learn how to manage contracts efficiently and transparently. Based on the basics of contract design, they will learn how to optimise processes, implement rules securely and compliantly, and sustainably save costs.

Are you already using all the possibilities from your contracts today? Do you know all the services you are entitled to and can you quantify the risks exactly? Do you know which contracts are affected if the company is restructured?

With the know-how the participants have learned, they are familiarised with the possibilities and risks arising from contracts and know the answers to these questions.                                   

Training for Spider Contract customers (1 day)

  • Training: User training Spider Contract
  • Training: Administration for Spider Contract
  • Workshop: Workflows with Spider Contract
  • Workshop: Contract generation with Spider Contract